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Using Intermediate ODS with Sales Statistics Cube (0UC _ SALES _ STATS_01)

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We have a Sales Statistics InfoCube (based on 0UC _ SALES _ STATS _ 01 D/S)that has been widely used for years. It has been modified to include the billing item level data as well as a lot of other utility industry related data so that we can actually use this cube for billing purposes.

Over years the cube has grown to about a billion records and has become a nightmare in management and performance. The daily load tend to be around a million records or more. Since the cube is crucial to the company business, we decided to redesign it. Here is what we recommended:

1- Divide the Sales Statistics Cube to yearly cubes.

2- Use intermediate ODS (One current yearODS and one historical ODS)

3- Create a top level MultiProvider to access all these InfoProviders.

4- Keep the Item level data at ODS level and Document level Data at InfoCube level.

5- We'll use the update rules to determine which ODS (or at cube level) which InfoCube the transaction would go to since we have a lot of back dated postings.

I am a little confused about the data source. The Cube was loaded previously with delta based upon posting date (BUDATE). We would like to use the same extractor but my question is:

1- How do we handle the ODS delta (0RECORDMODE)? The standard D/S was intended for delta directly to the InfoCube so it does not have anything for 0RECORDMODE.

2- As the data shows up at Item Level in ODS, we would like to upload the InfoCube at Document Level (much less transaction). Has anyone done this with similar data sources?

If any one of you have similar experience, I would appreciate whatever input you can offer.

Thanks in advance.


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not many people are interested in utilities sales cube ... it seems...