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Using IDOC extension in SAP Master Data Governance MDG-C

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Hi there,

on my MDG system I have created a replication model that is triggered on creation ofBusiness Partner / Customer in MDG.

It consists of MDG configuration:

  • Replication model for data model BP
  • Business System definition (for a 3rd party system) and logical system
  • Outbound implementation 986_5
  • Business object type 159 (customer)

On ALE side there is a distribution model and partner profile for DEBMAS Idoc type.

Until here it works fine. DEBMAS Idocs are created an send from the replication model.

Replication monitoring on MDG says: "Process Messages > IDoc 000000x with a data record was transferred"



How can I change the described configuration to trigger a custom IDOC extension type (say) ZDEBMAS?

I changed ALE distribution model and partner profile to ZDEBMAS. In connection with the MDG replication framework this seems to be not enough.

Symptom: The replication monitoring now says "No customer IDOC (DEBMAS) was sent, check Customizing settings"

Where is the missing link to tell the MDG to use ZDEBMAS?

I am aware that after that I have to fill the additional data to the custom segments. But first step would be to trigger the custom type, isn't it?

Best regards.

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Hi Ingo,

how are you doing?

Currently I am implementing SAP MDG on S/4HANA. For replicating Business Partners (BP, customer & supplier) from the MDG hub into SAP ERP I use ALE and I hope I did all config steps correctly. In your case, the replication of the BP and customer via ALE seems to work. In my case if I trigger on the replication process via transaction code DRFOUT every time only the message type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE_M was send to the target system. But I want to a business partner with the roles 000000 bp general and FLCU01 customer. Therefor I need also the message type DEBMAS.

Do you have a hint or an advise why via DRFOUT it does not working fine?

It is interesting because if I use the transaction code bd12 to send the message type DEBMAS it works correctly. I hope you can help ;-).

Thanks in advance and

Best regards,


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Hi Ingo,

Replication framework and its configuration only works for message type. DEBMAS is your message type.

When the system is replicating the DEBMAS message type, Idoc DEBMAS07 ( Assuming this is the latest configured basic type in your system ) will get triggered.

You must have created an extension of the same basic type in your system say ZDEBMAS and configured in WE20 ( Partner Profile).

Everything is done. The only thing is left to tell the system, that the extension type is created and system is suppose to pick this one instead of the basic type.



Create your own Z class and implement the method IF_EX_CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA_BI~FILL_ALE_SEGMENTS_OWN_DATA

Make sure that you assign the new extension to the E_CIMTYPE Changing parameter of this method.


Now the system will send the extension instead of the basic type.

PS: This is the same method where you can fill the data in the custom segments as well.