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Using hardware from different manufacturers to extend the Distributed System (Multiple-Host System)

Hello, experts!

We have the following situation:

There is a DBMS SAP HANA and it works in a cluster of 2 Dell R840 servers (they are in the list of certified under HANA). Is it allowed to scale within a single cluster by servers from other manufacturers (for example, HPE/Lenovo/Huawei, etc.), or is it possible to add only the equipment already used by the manufacturer Dell?
Tell me what are the SAP requirements in this part?
What should be guided in this situation?

I read the documentation and information in the community, but I couldn't find the information I was interested in:


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Hi Sergei,

I guess the Note 3066278 might help you.

According to this note, there are some hardware restrictions when scaling out SAP HANA server.

And I think you need to use DELL servers as additional nodes.

  • Same hardware partner
  • Same main memory (DRAM + PMEM) size on each node (e.g. 2 TB per node)
  • Mixtures of CPU generations

I hope it would help you.

Thank you

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Hello, Komei!

You've helped me a lot!

Thank you very much for responding!

Best regards,