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Using frameset in HTMLB

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Hi All,

I am trying to use frames in a JSPDyn project, using HTMLB. But I am not able to see the frame content.

Can you tell me what tag should I use and how(sample).

Moreover, how to get the base URL so that I can set the src of frmae to some other JSP/HTML.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Damandeep,

using framesets is really "out", for many many problems in many areas. So my first advise would be: Do not use framesets.

If you still want to, be aware that framesets are not supported by HTMLB, there are no such tags. Anyhow, you can use pure HTML, but you should be aware that this may cause trouble if you work with frames within a portal application.

What's supported up to some degree are iFrames by the HTMLB element "Isolated HTML Container", see for details.

The src of a frame can be set absolutely, that will make most sense for base URLs can be very different (depending if the iView is embedded or not etc).

Hope it helps


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