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Using Dictionary Component in WD-Component

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Hallo group,

i would like to use an external Dictionary-Component (used to create tables for my EJB-Persistence) in my WD-Project. I want to use the types to adopt the imported Bean-Model-Classes.

The purpose: Restrict the field-length of the UI-Input fields (which directly refer to Java-Bean attributes)

To do so, I declared a public part in my Dictionary Component. (Included the "simpleTypes") I declared a reference to this pp in my WebDynpro Component.

Unfortunately I cannot see this dictionary.

Any ideas? Does this work at all?

Thank you very much,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Simone,

I just emulated your scenario:

1) created dictionary DC called "dict";

2) created simple type "xxx" in a package "xxx";

3) created public part called xxx ( with type "provides an API for developing/compiling other DCs"). While creation select "Dictionary Simple Type" as "Entity Type" and select new created "xxx" type.

4) build "dict" DC

5) create web dynpro DC called "dynpro"

6) added to used DCs public part "xxx" from DC "dict". Select "Build Time" "Dependency type"

7) created web dynpro component with a view. Added a context attribute "xxx". In properties area select proprty "type" and click "..." button. In a popup a package "xxx" with type "xxx" under "Dictionaries->local dictioary" appears.

So, it works. What is exactly your problem?

Best regards, Maksim Rashchynski.

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I apologize, I apologize, I aplogize....

Thanks a lot (esp. Maksim)!!!!

It really works - i did not see it. I abolutely expected the Dictionary to appeas as "DictionaryXXX" (parallel to "LocalDictionary") - and with a short view inside "LocalDictionary" i have OVERSEEN it....

It is there (beneath LocalDictionary AND beneath the correct package name..) - you are right!

(Maybe I was to unconfident due to too many problems with Development Components...

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I Created the table in Dictionary DC (dict1)and exposed as part of public part.then i created webdynpro DC(wd2) and Defined Dictionary DC(dict1) under Used DC(wd2).Now is there anyway to create the Context based on Table Defination?

2.How to insert values in table from webdynpro DC?

Please help



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Simon,

You should just define your Simple Dictionary Types in a Local Dictionary INSIDE a Web Dynpro DC comprising no other entities.

Regards, Bertram

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You cann't see it at run-time (with something like NoClassFound erros) or at design-time?


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Please! Has no one ever used an external Dictionary Component in his WebDynpro?