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Using BCS to send email sets priority to high

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Sorry guys. This is proabably more of an ABAP question. I have this posted in ABAP forum also, but since I'm doing this from a BSP app, and there are no answers from that forum I'll check with the experts here.

I'm using the BCS classes to send email to trade partners. Some trade partners receive the emails as high priority (Ex. though the priority is set to low (i_importance = '9'). I am creating the document as follows:

document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document(

i_type = 'RAW'

i_importance = '9'

i_text = lt_textbody

i_length = lv_len_textbody

i_subject = cv_subject ).

This is occurring whether I set i_importance = 1 thru 9.

I can email to the same address via workplace and the priority is normal.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In my system (640 SP10) sending email to myself (Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook XP), the i_importance attribute seems to have no effect at all. No mater what I set it to it doesn't control the level of importance that displays in my mail reader.

The only way that I have found to make the email appear with a high importance, is to set the i_express attribute when I add my recipient to the send request.

* Add recipient with its respective attributes to send request
      CALL METHOD send_request->add_recipient
          i_recipient  = recipient
          i_express    = 'X'
          i_copy       = ' '
          i_blind_copy = ' '.

Perhaps this is what your users are experiencing.

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Thanks Thomas!

That was the problem.


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