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using attributes in Workitem title brings old data

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Hi all,

the workitem text is defined in the corresponding task -> Work Item text.

I have inserted a BOR attribute and do use the same attribute in the description text of that task.

A few minutes after a workflow instance was created, the value of the attribute will be changed, outside of any workflow processes.

A workflow agent executes his inbox now and gets the old value of the attribute, not the updated value? But in the description field the updated value is used - of course this is confusing for the agent...

For me it looks like the workitem texts are stored in a table, and will not be updated, even if a attribute is used. But the desription text will be created at runtime. Propably they did that because of performance reasons?

Can anybody confirm this behavior, or did I do any mistakes?

Any proposals to avoid this - I considered to use a dynamic field for that attribute, would this be a better solution?

thanks, Jo

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is something related with buffering issue. Please run this program RHWFINDEXRESET in background periodically which will refresh the buffer.

I also think that the workitem text will also change accordingly to the attribute value. May be the user has clicked on the workitem text when the change was not made and at that point of time the attribute value was changed:)). This is the rarest of scenario. You can ask the user in this case to cancel the workitem and then check and probably now the value will be reflected.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thanks for both answers...

I did not know that reprot RHWFINDEXRESET but it did not help. Also setting the workitem lang does not help.

In the meantime I customzied for that task a dynamic column and use that field. In that column I get the updated value of my attribute...

For me it looks like you have to be very carefully when using attributes in workitem text.

This text seems to be static, not the dynamic column and not the description text.

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I can't confirm it with certainty, but my understanding agrees with yours - the work item text is more static than the work item description. This can be observed in SWI1 if you change the work item text and description. If you compare work items created before and after the change the work item text in SWI1 will be different (will be as at time of work item creation), but the work item description will be the same (will be updated with the latest changes).

I have had much use of the latter when changing work item texts to use script instructions so some information is only included if certain conditions are met.

I have one suggestion you can try - I don't know if it will work (don't believe I have used attributes that can change in work item texts lately). Go to the personal workflow settings and select "Display work item text in logon language". If you are lucky that will refresh the text even if the logon language is the same as the work item language.