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using Already availble XSUAA service to another application giving service broker failed error

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I have a MTA app(lets say uaatest Having standalone app router) which is already deployed to cloud foundry and having XSUAA service(with its xs-security.json contents).
I have developed another  MTA app (lets say uaatest2 Having standalone app router),  In this i tried using above mentioned XSUAA(which is already used for uaatest). But with xs-security.json file that is specifically referring to my uaatest2.

while deploying to CF i am getting an error saying that "Service broker error: Service broker xsuaa failed with: Could not find xsapp entry for uaatest2!t259732"  

this (uaatest2!t259732) is referring to my uaatest2.

Even though i am using same xsuaa service but still i can maintain two different "xsappname" entries in my each xs-security.json file(referring to uaatest and uaatest2) right?

or am i missing something? or please give me an example how to use already available xsuaa to new MTA with its own xs-security.json.


please find attached xs-security.json  for reference.


Thanks in advance










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Each XSUAA instance can support only one 'xsappname' and one 'xs-security.json' configuration. To reuse an existing service instance, specify the instance name in the 'mta.yaml' file for the second application as shown below:

- name: uaatest-xsuaa-service
  type: org.cloudfoundry.managed-service



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Hi Mio,
if that is the case then How can i maintain scope,role,role templates details for uaatest2?

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@rakeshBaggam You have two options: either define the scopes and roles for uaatest2 in uaatest's xs-security.json, or create a separate XSUAA instance for uaatest2.