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Using AJAX to login to Portal

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Hi Experts,

We have 2 Portals, 1 is SAP portal another non-SAP. THe non-SAP Portal has a logon page (html+javascript) which handles login to its Portal. We're to customize to add another function to silently login to SAP Portal in the background (No seperate launching of SAP Portal in a new window. THe sap logon ticket is issued to the user only. This ticket will be used only when users click on a SAP Portal link in the non-SAP Portal) when users login from the Logon page of the non-SAP Portal.

We modified the logon page and added Post command silentLoginSAPPortal to post the values (user ID and password) to SAP Portal. This line is inserted just before they call the function to verify user to login to the non-SAP Portal. However, we noticed there it behaves erratically, because LoginToNonSAPPortal doesn't wait for SAP Portal to finish processing and if it takes too long, LoginToNonSAPPortal will kick in and abort the login for SAP Portal.

function submitLogin // called when logon button triggered





Thus, we're using AJAX to obtain a http response from SAP Portal and when it obtains the ticket, then call LoginToNonSAPPortal. However, this only seems to work for IE8 and not other browsers. Is there anyone who can help shine some light on this issue?

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I think you should check your AJAX post codes. Some AJAX codes run only in IE.