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Using 0salary time dependencies in query

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Hi All,

I have an HR query that requires an action and the related salary to be displayed per employee - no key date.

So what I am looking for is

Employee A     Hired          Salary Amount A

Employee A     Promoted     Salary Amount B

Employee  A     Transferred     Salary Amount C

When I create the query - I get all my employee actions, however it only brings out the last salary:

Employee A     Hired        

Employee A     Promoted    

Employee  A     Transferred     Salary Amount C

Currently Salary is an attribute of 0employee

Is there a way that I can show the salaries per action?

Thank you

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Answers (3)

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Two things need to be considered:

  1. As 0Salary is an attribute of 0Employee and i assume that is must be time dependent.So in query key date if you do not enter any date then by default it picks up the latest record from the data.
  2. So in such cases where you require data for time period then Temporal join is the option.

You can search with the term Temporal join--lot of documents are available.

Hopefully i addressed the issue correctly.If not then let me know.



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Hi Catherine,

If salary is an attribute and not time dependent, then you can't see the salary of an employee when hired. If you want to show like that, then salary wsould be a time dependent attribute.

Hope it gives an idea


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As you said Current salary is attribute to employee, it must be time dependent to run your query by Key date. Because key date works with only Time dependent master data.

Have you put any restriction for AMount KF with Action in your query ?

Keep Employee and Action in Rows pane.

Keep your Amount Kf in KF pane. Then, you should get your desired output. Don't restrict your KF with any Action.