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Users,security and authorization on BW on HANA

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Hello Gurus,

There is some good document. Which talks about the unification of Security model for the new users.

I believe when we upgrade to BW on HANA, the Users/security/and authorization and all the users and security related

Stuff are not copied to HANA Database. Now we would like to moves all users/security users to HANA so that we can use the HANA security

And access via different reporting tools, not through BW app server. Is there any programs /T-code/Wizard tool  that I can use to move all users/security/authorization to the SAP HANA DB without re working all these manually?

Can some one please through some light on how this can be achieved? Thank you for the help.



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Hi Ramakrishnan,

You can use reports/programs RSUSR_DBMS_USERS to create DBMS mapping of multiple users at a go. This works for users already existing in BW. Even if a user is already existing in HANA, it will map him to corresponding BW user.

Limitation with above program is: if a user has been mapped to HANA user, but later HANA user is deleted, you will not know it via this program. So you can use program RSUSR_DBMS_USERS_CHECK to find such inconsistent users (as Suresh mentioned in his document) and create them via this program.

You can use BW tcode RS2HANA_CHECK to transfer BW analysis authorizations to HANA authorizations. You can find more details on tcode on SCN.



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Thank you Nitesh.