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User used in SAP for accessing to unix server

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Hi ..

I'm new on this topic ...

I'd like to know where is configured the user into SAP for accessing to UNIX.. i mean, in my understanding when a job is created into SAP for running a script located into server unix, Sap has to login to unix and it has through and user id, where is configured that ...

the case in question here is the following ..

we are testing the sent of infomation ...

1.- user creates the information from sap and it is delivered into a folder

2.- the owner of those files is a strange user into the server where they were delivered.

3.- this means that that user does not exist into the unix server where were delivered the information ...

i'd like to know, where is cofigured the user into SAP for accessing to unix to deliver the information ...

could you please let me know that ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Daniela,

User is <SID>adm user, it's SAP Default user for communicating to Unix or any OS. When you install the system, <SID>adm is the adminstrator user.

For the 2nd item it is strange user, it could that the folder it is creating files might not the local file system, it is from diffferent server NFS mounted to this server. If the other system doesn't know about the <SID>adm it keeps a stange user as owner this files.

Even though that strange user doesn't exist, as long as your <SID>adm user has write access to this folder,it will create the file. But owner can be different.

Hope this answers. If yes, please assign points.


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