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User mapping with File System Repository

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When creating a File System Repository (pointing at a file store on an external file server) I have to perform a user mapping to be able to see/browse the content on the file server.

Performing user mapping I have to use my own user account/credentials in order to keep the permissions set on the file server. But what do I do if I have to change my password every three months (due to password politics)? Do I have to change my user mapping setup every three months as well or is there some way I can get around this "problem"?

Thanks in advance.


Søren Bessermann

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Answers (1)

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Hi Soren,

As far as I know you will have to change your user mapping whenever you change your password. Not sure whether anyone else has come up with a better way.



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Hi Søren,

I'm also interested in a solution for SSO to a file system repository. We have to change the windows password every 4 weeks. So it's annoying to change the pw also in the user mapping of the portal.

Hopefully somebody can offer a better solution.