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User Management using Active Directory

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Steps taken to Enable Backending to ADS

Go into the UM Configuration

Set the datasource to Read-Only Microsoft ADS + Database

Set LDAP Server to:


Port: 389

User: domain\domain.admin


User Path: ou=users,

Group Path: ou=groups,

(Replacing with our domain name)

I have tested and saved (which notified me that has been saved) and to restart the server.

At this point I am expecting to restart the portal and find my domain users & domain groups under user administration.

I imagine I am missing a step or 5. Can someone give me some direction.

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Answers (2)

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Yes we have IISproxy set up and running.

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For the user name you must have the full ldap name.


Are you going to be using IISProxy?

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I was under the impression I would put an AD Domain name. So are you saying I should be creating a user in AD called 'portaladmin' then put where it asks for user what you've outlined below?

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Portaladmin would be the user you create in AD that will give you access to your LDAP. That id must have administrator rights.

I don't know how you have you AD set up.

Let's say you AD is like

Under that I have an OU named mycompany.

Under that I have all of the OU for my departments.

Under those OUs I have my users.

So if I added the user portaladmin:


That is the LDAP user name for portaladmin. With the password on port 389 I can log on to active directory and specify the groups and users in AD using the same format.





Once this is done the portal can access the AD. Change the Data Source (one tab over from LDAP Server) to Microsoft Active Directory (Flat)

Restart the engine and you should be able to log in on the WAS side of the portal with any AD user that is in that OU.

Now as for getting IISProxy configured and using that to connect to the portal and having AD work, that is another story that I have not solved yet.