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User Exit (steps)

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I have a variable (customer exit) in a query: FINIEXT:

- Characteristic is a date

- Ready for Input

- Interval

I want to change the interval of the data of the parameters enters:


User parameter entry : 01012009 -01012010

I want to change in the STEP 2 of the USER EXIT to : 01012009- 31129999.

But when I execute the query, STEP 2 is not stoped. Only step 3.

Any idea?? I have to do it in STEP3???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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yes, when you define it as Customer Exit you would have to define it in Step 3.


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But in STEP 2 too. Is it correct?

Because I have been created one in step 2.


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Hi MP,

You can define customer exit in any I_STEP depending upon requirement. Check highlighted past in I_STEP = 2.

● I_STEP = 1

Call is made directly before variable entry.

● I_STEP = 2

Call is made directly after variable entry. This step is only executed if the same variable is not input-ready and could not be filled for I_STEP = 1.

● I_STEP = 3

In this call, you can check the values of the variables. When an exception (RAISE) is triggered, the variable screen appears again. I_STEP = 2 is then also called again.

● I_STEP = 0

The enhancement is not called from the variable screen. The call can originate from the authorization check or from the monitor.



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No. Remove the code in Step 2.


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Thanks a lot.

But i little bit lost.

I have the code in step3 (code as step2)::

READ TABLE i_t_var_range WITH KEY vnam = 'FINIEXT' INTO l_s_var.

l_s_range-sign = l_s_var-sign.

l_s_range-opt = l_s_var-opt.

l_s_range-low = '20040101'.

l_s_range-high = l_s_var-high.

APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.

I only change the entry user parameter. BUt i doesn't change.

any idea?

thanks a lot!!

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I read this :


you can not change any variables in the exit that are ready-for-input. You mentioned the correct way of doing it yourself: derive a second variable from the one that the users enters.



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