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User dropped from User Group

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We have BOBJ 4.2 sp06. I'm having users that seem to be dropped from a user group without any sort of activity on their user security and memberships. The users and user groups vary. It's always single users. Others users with the same exact config are fine.


A User belonged to two groups (say HR and Finance) that are assigned to two separate folders. Today she emailed me that she couldn't see the finance folder. I reviewed her account and she was no longer a member of the Finance group. I queried the CMC and audit databases but I don't see any activity on her account or the Finance User group. There are only two of us that admin these groups and we didn't touch it.

Could this a database issue?

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Hi Micheal,

Do the user groups (HR and Finance) sync from a Windows AD or a SAP system?

Database issue is less likely here as if the database object corrupts, we get some error than the object (user) being removed altogether.

Have you seen the modify event in the ADS_Event table for auditing?



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We authenticate using LDAP and I also create an enterprise account for each user. They don't drop from AD Group membership They seem to drop from a user group that they were added to within BOBJ.

  • They Authenticate in to a main user group within BOBJ.
  • Then an admin will manually add them to the necessary/additional User Groups within BOBJ.

So in my example

  • she authenticates in fine with LDAP and is listed in the main user group
  • She had additionally been added to the HR User Group and Finance User Group.
  • She had confirmed access to these the folders and content for months.
  • Today she only belongs to the HR user group and had to be added back into the Finance Group.
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Hello 111378,

I suggest try to stop user import jobs and check if you see any new issues.

If you see no activity from admin end then it is best to troubleshoot with SAP Support. I recommend creating a support incident and they may guide you for required trace on application and DB side.
Although recreating these scenarios sometime becomes challenging.



Thanks. It is very difficult to recreate. This isn't the norm and I can't identify any rhyme or reason. we have around a 1000 users and it could be weeks between occurrences. I don't believe I have seen it happen to the same user twice and the user group varies. And some users only go in the system for monthly reports so there's a long time before they notice the lack of access.

I've submitted an incident with SAP

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Just a thought...

What is your authentication method? Are you using Windows AD authentication? If users are dropped (or added) from/to the AD group which the Windows AD authentication is using then user accounts will be dropped/added from/to BusinessObjects automatically. This will affect their group membership. It all depends on your configuration.