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User Creation issue with Redwood

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Dear All,

Need some help from on Redwood.

We are facing a major issue. We are one Redwood with redwood basic version.

We have connected our backend R/3 to the redwood server. We have Redwood explorer installed on our laptop. We are in the process of configuring the users and roles. We are using the standard roles & are creating the users. We are trying to create a end user JCS_ENDUSER and have assigned all the end user roles as per below:

User privileges (Repository role JCS_USER)

The default system privileges for the role JCS_USER are:

Name Description


Alter directory


Alter a registry key


Create a directory


Create a format


Create a registry key


Drop a directory


Drop a registry key


Delete output of own jobs


View job output


Execute destination jobs


Set subscription info for yourself


Request execution of scripts


Subscribe yourself to executions per queue


Subscribe yourself to script executions


Subscribe yourself to job output in a directory


Edit existing jobs


Regular end user access for clients.


View any event


View any lock


View any scheduler


View any resource


Create a file


View monitor

All these roles were specified in the Redwood help in the explorer. But after even though we have assigned all the roles for the end user, after saving the user settings, when we log on, we are getting the following error:

JCS-02134: no license available (Concurrent Content users)

ORA-20800: JCS-02134: no license available (Concurrent Content users)

ORA-06512: at "SYSJCS.LM", line 1468

ORA-06512: at "SYSJCS.LM", line 2385

ORA-06512: at "SYSJCS.JCS", line 170

ORA-06512: at line 1


*Cause: You are not licensed for this product, or the license has not

been installed.

*Action: Check with your DBA whether the system is licensed correctly.

Apply to Redwood or your reseller to get a license for this part

of the product.

Can you please let us know the root cause of the problem.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Warm Regards,


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Hi Rajeet,

The problem is that your Redwood installation is not licensed. You need to get it licensed. Though the NW version is free to download it needs a installation key which you can obtain from Service Marketplace. Just to confirm my analysis, if you can type "show license" command in the redwood shell and paste the output, I can confirm the analysis. Or just check if the person who installed this S/W in your company license it or not.

Once you obtain the license and restart the server, you should be all set.

Hope this helps!


- Bhuga

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Hi Bhushan,

Good Afternoon!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here is what I get when I type show license in the shell. Hope you can help me more with this.

Current license information:

Company name : Syngenta Crop

Contract no : OEM-CH-0702-084-D-SAP


License host : sinon.cp.chbs

This is a regular license.

Current database date: 29-AUG-2007 09:02:29.

Activation date: 06-MAR-2007 16:43:36.

The license does not expire.

Jobs : unlimited Key: $7;-1;HIUG.PKKO.GKPN

Application Connector : 64 Key: $19;64;VVPK.OFEJ.OSNV

N Connector for Oracle Applications

N Connector for BaaN

N Connector for SAP R/3

N Connector for QMF

N Connector for MQ Series

N Connector for PeopleSoft

Y SAP OEM license

Foundation features : 255 Key: $21;255;JBGS.HLHK.SDTP

Y Scripts

Y Queues

Y Formats

Y Schedulers

Y Applications

Y Parameters

Y Directory Browsing

Y Destinations

N Subscriptions

Scheduling features : 255 Key: $23;255;IWIG.FPKL.UENJ

Y Scheduling

Y Submit Frames

Y Time Windows

Y Resources

Y Events

Y Locks

Y Job Chains

Y Job Chain Advanced Processing

N AutoSys Converter

Administrative users : 20 Key: $24;20;ROXR.MNPA.JSDO



Have a Great Day!

Warm Regards,


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Hi Rajeet,

Yes this could be a solution. By Client administration, the user just gets execute rights from the client and rights to change say settings like font colors etc. of the Redwood explorer. Note that the rights for the Repository (database) and client are separate and granting these access will not have any bearing on repository object level privileges.

I will paste the conversation in the forum for benefit of all.


- Bhushan


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Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 2:40 PM

To: Gangurde, Bhushan (Cognizant)

Subject: RE: Help on Redwood - User creation.

Hi Bhushan,


Actually I just tried exploring the option you told just now, but alas it did not work. I just got a thread which says

It seems that the user does not have the privilege CLIENT_ADMINISTRATOR

granted (directory or via a role).

To verify this please log on as user sysjcs and go to Configuration >

Security > Redwood system privileges > Client_administrator and verify

to which roles and users this privilege is granted.

If the user does not have any of the roles and if he is not displayed

in Users, add the user to this privilege and he will be able to log on.

I tried assigning it and it seems to work and now I am able to login to the Redwood explorer thou I do not give the JCS_DBA role. But also wanted to know that by assigning this role, does that mean I am giving some admin access to Redwood. Because the name suggest the same. But I did login and test and I can see that the access is restricted only to that test user, the scripts, jobs, queues are very well restricted.

Could this be the solution to our problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Awarding points as well

Warm Regards,



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Sent: Mittwoch, 29. August 2007 09:37

To: Mathur Rajeet CHBS

Subject: RE: Help on Redwood - User creation.

Hi Rajeet,

Most likely the problem is you do not have license for end users. You do have license for Admin users and hence when you assign JCS_DBA roles, you do not encounter any problem.

I think the best way to verify this is to get the output from somebody who has full license. Though I don’t have my machine with me, but I am quite sure that my license itself would be for Admin users and I may not be able to check that. Based on SDN forums I think you can ask “Blaire” if he can see any end users license ntoe in his license as you see for Admin users in your license.

The second thing I would like you to do is to experiment a bit. I am assuming this is your dev system. Can you remove the client_content role from end user and try logging concurrently. Let me what is the response?

Let me know the results.

- Bhushan


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Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 1:00 PM

To: Gangurde, Bhushan (Cognizant)

Subject: RE: Help on Redwood - User creation.

Hi Bhushan,

Thanks again for your help.

Just some more points on my problem.

1. I just logged in again with the end user with no user concurrently connected (admin, enduser); but still I get the same error which I had give you in my first mail "JCS-02134: no license available (Concurrent Content users)".

2. I can login with admin users which i created, which have JCS_DBA role more that 2 times. Like i created a test user with JCS_DBA role, I logged in first and again on in a separate pc, I logged in with the same test user and it is working fine. Confused.

3. Also, I have seen that when I do not give the JCS_DBA role to a user, it does not allow me to login & gives an error, "JCS-02134: no license available (Concurrent Content users) ", but as soon as I give him the JCS_DBA role, it allows me.

Hope these input help you in your further analysis.

Thanks a lot again for your support.

Warm Regards,


Ph: +41 61 32 35914/35915

Cell: +41 79 328 8454


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Sent: Mittwoch, 29. August 2007 09:18

To: Mathur Rajeet CHBS

Subject: RE: Help on Redwood - User creation.

Ok, This license stuff helps me understand your problem better.

Are you trying to log into the system as an end user while there is already another user using the system (May be a admin user). Your license (rather the OEM license) is for 20 Admin users but no license for concurrent users.

Just try logging as end user while there is no one else connected to the database. Let me know the result.

I am taking this up further on email and then we will cut & paste the final result or anything we think relevant in the forum.


- Bhushan Gangurde