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user blocked e-Mail Notification after wrong log on attemps

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Hello All,

anyone knows if its possible to set e-mail notification, when user has been blocked after to many wrongs attemps?

Thanks for respond and help,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Karol,

It is possible to enable E-Mail notification when the User has been locked. There is a UME property namely <b>ume.notification.lock_performed</b> that has be set the value <b>TRUE</b> in the Visual Admin.

For further details, refer to this link.

Hope that helped.

Warm Regards


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Hi Priya,

thanks for info.

I need ann e-mail notification only in case, when user has blocked him self. Cause by setting ume.notification.lock_performed to true, user will get an e-mail when Admin set lock as well(what actually i dont want to).

Any other idea?

Thanks for respond


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