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Use RACI Model?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

How are the responsibilities for an end-to-end process-oriented company organized? Is the use of the RACI model recommended here or are there other possibilities to organize new responsibilities?

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We decided to do it a bit differently, the main difference being that we separate the content owning and the modelling and took it from a practical perspective.

Here is an excerpt of the clarification I use in our company to explain the roles we have in layman's terms:

"BPMN is much more than a free-format collection of boxes and arrows. It is a language which actually ensures that the logic, abstraction level, process- and information flow works and that responsibilities are unambiguously assigned. The grammar and spelling ensure that the process can be actually run as it’s drawn by the people involved.

You can view the Content Owner as the author of a book providing a great storyline, whereas the Process Modeler is the editor who makes it a text which the Users (readers) like to keep reading until the end. The Business Process Manager would be the publisher in this analogy with the Global Process Owner the literary agent for a group of Content Owners."

A simplified RACI-style description connected to this is the following:

  • Normal user: can view (I) the processes and give feedback (C) in Collaboration Hub
  • Global Process Owner: owns the content of the processes in that domain. He/she is Accountable for design, implementation and revision of the process in the organisation.
  • Content Owner: is the primary contact for the users of the process. He/she is Responsible for the actual contents of the process, introduces/trains process to users, collects feedback, processes and aligns feedback.
  • Process Modeler: ensures consistency of the processes within the domain as well as the interconnections with other domains. He/she is Responsible for creating and revising the processes in Signavio Process Manager within the assigned domain as well as adherence to the standards (company style, BPMN notation and APQC taxonomy standards).
  • Business Process Manager: Accountable for company style, BPMN syntax & Dictionary usage, interconnections between processes, APQC process taxonomy and Responsible for Signavio system administration
Active Participant

This is a great question. We recommend to have a BPM Center of Excellence team incl. following roles e.g.:

  • Process Owner
  • Process Expert
  • COE Lead

You could use the RACI model to define who of those participants needs to be informed and/or are responsible or accountable. Please find a screenshot of an example below: