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Use of null parameters for opendocument command using AIX BOE server

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Good evening guys

I'm having the next problem : My team and I developed a series of reports with Crystal Reports 2008 having a Windows BOE Server. We call these Reports from an external application which displays a series of filters to be selected by the user. Such an application generates URLs depending on the values provided by the user, so an specific URL gets generated depending on the user selection criteria. This URL calls the opendocument command, so the Reports gets executed in the BOE Server. I read that it is possible to pass null values for the parameters the Reports use, just like this


In the opendocument documentation it is clear that it is a valid URL syntax:

You can pass NULL values to a parameter by leaving the right-hand side of the statement blank. For example, prompt0=&prompt1=1000

sets prompt0 to NULL.

In this case, I am sending NULL as value for the parameters lsSP_OPERATIVEUNITID and lsSP_PRODUCTID.

I tested it in the environment I already explained to you (BOE Server = Windows), as a matter of fact, all my reports might need to receive null as a value for their parameters. If I copied this URL and paste into my Internet Explorer it works smoothly.

The problem comes when I try to implement this kind of URL in a AIX BOE Server which (XI 3.1 FixPack 2.7 is installed there).

If I execute this URL in an AIX installation, I keep getting this error: Type mismatch: Unparseable number: "".

If I change the value specified, so none of the parameters are null, then I get the Report to run properly. But I need to use null values as parameters for my reports.

I did not notice in the opendocuent documentation that there's some issue related to null parameters when having an AIX BOE Server. Do you know what this problem might be? some BOE configuration maybe?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there,

we want to pass all values via opendocument url and avoid the crystal reports parameter screen. This is working as long as we do not provide NULL values in the URL.

As Gabriel says we are just leaving the right hand side of the statement blank.For example, prompt0=&prompt1=1000 sets prompt0 to NULL. We provide ALL parameters in the URL but we still get the parameter screen.

If there are no NULL values then the screen is skipped.

Maybe this is related to the "feature" Abraham mentioned that the SAP integration kit is filtering the null values in

So my question: did anyone got success by using opendocument with the SAP integration kit, providing all values including NULL values and avoiding the parameter screen?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


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Hi all good afternoon.

I guess the problem got resolved. The system administrator told me the problem was because a SAP Connector Service was not installed in the BOE AIX Server. In the BOE Windows Server we had no problem

since this service is installed (although it is nor required).

There is a HTTP watch file called bo_aix.hwl which helped us in solving the problem. (The file related to windows is called bo_windows.hwl).

Anyway, thank you so much for your help, we do really appreciate it.

Best regards

Gabriel Sánchez

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Hello Gabriel,

Perhaps you do have the "BOBJ INTGR. KIT FOR SAP XI 3.1" in your windows installation.

If that's the case, the parameters are filtered by the component "PartnerPlatformService/", which eliminates from the list all the parameters with a null value.

If you do not need to connect to any SAP system, install only the SAP.SC_WebContent component of the "BOBJ INTGR. KIT FOR SAP XI 3.1" in your AIX Server and patch it through FP2.7... remember to modify the web.xml files and redeploy.