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Use FM rsdri_infoprov_read for different cubes

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I'm working on a BW35 system and want to use FM RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ to read data from <b>DIFFERENT</b> cubes. This means that the parameter I_INFOPROV is not a fixed value but a variable. As consequence the itab E_T_DATA can have different structures as well.

I know the structure of the itab should look like /BI*/V<cube>2 and I have tried FIELD SYMBOLS and the CREATE DATA statement, but I got stuck!

Has anybody a source example or can anybody help me to declare the itab thus I can use it in a loop structure after the function module call?

Thanks in advance,

Patrick van Os

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Patrick,

your create data statement should look like this.

data: l_dataref type ref to data,

l_cube(30) type c.

field-symbols: <it_tab> type standard table.

l_cube = '/BI*/V<CUBE>2'.

create data l_dataref type table of (l_cube).

assign l_dataref->* to <it_tab>.

This creates you a table <it_tab> of the structure of the cube. And as you do it with the variable l_cube the table will be of a dynamic structure.



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