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Use DB13 to update statistics on nonSAP Oracle schema

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We are using an nonSAP Oracle-schema (S87CMG_O) on our SAP-server and i would like to update the statistics

for the tables of the nonSAP Oracle-schema with DB13.

As parameter i start the job with the tablespace-name CMG

In the joblog i see

BR0813I Schema owners found in database S87: SAPSR3*, SAPSR3DB%

Problem is that DB13 is not processing the nonSAP Oracle-schema (S87CMG_O).

Where can i add or configure the name of the nonSAP Oracle-schema (S87CMG_O) so that DB13 will process this schema-owner in the future ?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ronald

Not sure if this is possible to include Non SAP schema objects from the DB13 job ,

The table associated with DB13 is DBSTATC , you can view in Tcode DB21 . Some customizing of DBSTATC might help you if the extra table names are included. You might need to check with SAP ( through message ) for this.

Another different option - login to sqlplus and then use analyse command for Non-SAP schema in question.



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Have a thorough reading of [320457 - Installing BR tools on a non-ABAP database|]

You can also try the -o option of brconnect:

orasid> brconnect -u / -f stats -o S87CMG_O

Cheers Michael

EDIT: it might very well be, that as soon you have an ABAP schema (-> MLICHECK or SAPLIKEY table) you cannot gather stats on non-SAP schemas anymore. This is for license reasons...