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Use Data Pump for OS/DB Migration of ECC system and move out Oracle RAC

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I am currently planning the migration of an ECC6.0 EHP 5 Enterprise system from RHEL 5.5 to RHEL 7.3 with concurrent move from Oracle RAC based to standalone & Oracle upgrade from to I would like to use Data Pump instead of R3load (as it is very laborious)and am particularly interested in running the import simultaneously with the export, which I understand is a feature of Data Pump. The db size is around 2.5 tb.

Has anyone done this? I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, or warnings. Also share if there are any risk / limitation with such approach (technical or otherwise)

I have read thru below notes but they do elaborate above points:

1013049- FAQ: oracle data pump

105047- support for oracle function in the SAP environment

976435 - support for oracle datapump in brspace

Regards, Pun

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Thanks James for the feedback.

As shared, we are currently running on Oracle RAC & source DB upgrade (Grid + DB) would require 2.5 -3 Hrs. of additional downtime, which will not be acceptable to business & hence was thinking of using BRSPACE data pump option to perform implicit DB upgrade & migration.

Considering system copy guide does not explicitly advocates this methodology, I wanted to know from SAP expert community if someone has experienced this & throw some insight on this methodology.

Kindly further advise.

Thanks, Puneet M

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Hi Puneet,

You are welcome, then let us see input from others.

Good luck.

Best regards,