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use Crystal Report 2016 with a Crystal Report 2020 licence

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I bought SAP Crystal Reports 2020 but I have a problem opening my current report (v8.5). I tried with Crystal Report 2016 (trial version) and it works perfectly. I would like to know if it's possible to use Crystal Report 2016 with a Crystal Report 2020 licence

Thanks in advance 

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FYI you cannot have CR 8.5 or earlier on the same PC and CR 2016 or 2020.

The problem is CR 8.5 uses c:\windows\Crystal for it's database driver and other info.

If you have that folder it will cause problems loading the DB driver.

What is your reports data source?

CR 2020 is 64 bit so if you are using an older 32 bit Client CR 2020 won't work, you need to install the 64 bit client.

If the reports data source is a PC type like Access, Pervasive etc. then you may need to update the DB source to 64 bit if possible, mostly for those DB's you can use ODBC or OLE DB.

If your data source is ODBC then create a 64 bit System DSN using the ODBC 64 Admin tool.

Open each report, set database location using the 64 bit ODBC DSN or OLE DB data client and see if that works for you.

What is the reports Data Source, ODBC, OLE DB or ????