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Use CF destination in SAPUI5 module

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I am struggling for almost two days to get a freestyle SAP UI5 application which was used for on-prem Fiori server up and running in cloud foundry FLP service.

Following the two blogs "Develop your first SAP Fiori launchpad site with portal service on SAP Cloud Platform Multi Cloud" by iris_blog I was able to deploy my app to cloud foundry space, but there is no data coming in.

In Neo subaccount there was a destination (let's say:) "neo-destination" for testing which was working fine. In cloud foundry there is a destination "cf-destination" that was prepared on subaccount destination service.

I think I already learned that I need to map the destination in the xs-app, but I have a hard time to understand the SAP help guide and I was not able to find some blog for this scenario.

What are the steps to perform such a mapping to a cf destination service (subaccount level)?

Best regards,


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Hi Alejandro,

As I come to know that you have already solved the issue
I would like to know how you resolved the issue


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Hi, i've the same issue of Alejandro Sensejl, can someone help me about this topic?

thanks in advance,


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Hi Nadia,

Since I am facing the same problem could you explain how did you solve it?

Thank you very much!