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Usage of key listeners like F1 F2 ESC in WebDynpro for Java

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we plan to start a development for mobile transactions/handhelds.

the business logik needs to use keylisteners like F1 F2 ESC etc.

Can anybody tell me if this is now possible to contol/use these key listeners in combination with web dynpro for java.

I read in old thread (2005) that this was not possible so far but that is was planned to be possible in future releases.

Thanks for a soon reply as this matter is very urgent.



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Answers (2)

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Dont know how much it will help you but can have a look at this but still u can have a look at this

1 .

2 .

3 .

also go through the following

Using the FunctionKey


The FunctionKey allows you to trigger a Web Dynpro action using a specific key on the mobile device. In the following example, this UI element is used to navigate to another view via a specific key.


● The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is installed on your computer, and you can use it to create your mobile Web Dynpro application

● You have access to a SAP NetWeaver Application Server, where you are running the Web Dynpro application

● You are using a Pocket PC with special scanning equipment manufactured by Intermec Technologies or Symbol Technologies

● You have created two views in a Web Dynpro project and called them StartingView and TargetView.



1. Navigate to the StartingView and double-click the view or choose Edit from the context menu.

2. Insert the mobile UI element FunctionKey.

3. Switch to the Plugs tab, create an outbound plug with the name fromFunctionKey and define the navigation link to the TargetView.

4. Switch to the Actions tab page and define an action called NavigateToAnotherView.

5. Assign the value IBrowse_OnKey49 to the keyCode property of the FunctionKey.

6. Assign the NavigateToAnotherView action to the onAction event of UI element NavigateToAnotherView.

7. Switch to the Implementation tab and add the following source code to the implementation of the view controller. The read data is passed to the context and the relevant context attribute is set.

public void onActionNavigateToAnotherView( wdEvent )


//@@begin onActionNavigateToAnotherView(ServerEvent)





By pressing press key 1 on the mobile device, you navigate to the TargetView.


Abhijith YS

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As per Webdynpro u associate a method name to inbuilt UI elements. There is no place toi map or associate function keys to action methods.


Sukanta Rudra