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Usage of ConfigTool for Logging

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Hi All,

We are using NE CE 7.1 server.

In my Application, I have implemented Logging API and created Log Controllers(Location, and Category).I am able to access these controllers form NWA and change the severity levels on line.Up to that it is fine.

In the SAP Help, it is given that we can perform log configuration(creation and updation of Log controllers) in the ConfigTool .

Now my questions are:

1) With this feature, Can I access my Application Specific Log Controllers and update them(updation of severity, detinations, and Fromatters etc)?. Or this featue is only for Server Log controllers?.Because in the ConfigTool It is showing only Server related Log Controllers , not showing My Application related Log controllers.

Can you answer my questions and explain the usage of ConfigTool from the perpective of Log Configutation.

It is urgent and you will be rewarded with points immediately.

Thanks in advance


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IF you were able to resolve the problem can you please share it since i am also facing the same problem.