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Usage of Cloud Connector Location ID

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Hi Experts,

We are trying to integrate Multiple SAP systems with S4 Onpremise using SAP CPI. We are aware that we need an SAP Cloud Connector in order to connect with S4 OnPremise.

In the Standard Iflows pre-delivered by SAP to establish a connection between S4 and Multiple SAP cloud systems, can I use the same Location ID of the Cloud Connector in both the standard Iflows?

Eg : I want to integrate an SAP System "S1" and SAP System "S2" with S4 On premise. Can I maintain the same location ID in both S1 and S2 to connect with S4 Onpremise? or should I use unique Location ID for every SAP cloud system that connects with S4 Onpremise?

Thanks in advance.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Sooriya,

the location ID is not related to the SAP systems you want to integrate. It is only there to distinguish between multiple Cloud Connectors connected to the very same subaccount.

Best regards,

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Hi Markus,

Thanks for your prompt response.

So the same Location ID can be used in Multiple SAP system integration artifacts in SAP CPI. Right?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes, this is possible