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Hi all

What Exactly the difference between URN and URL and where are these used in XI.


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Hi Sanjanak,

This is used in XI as a way to group your developments. Each Software Component Version can have several namespaces. These namespaces can be of the format


This allows you to give objects the same names if they are in different namespaces as they can still be differentiated.

Also all development objects must belong to a specific namespace.

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URN and URI are both URIs where an http URI is URL

URL has the location of resource whereas URN holds the metadata for the resource

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hi sanjana,

this link clear your doubts on URL and URN

urn and url are part of standard <b>syntax </b>for giving namespace. In XI we define the design objects under one <b>root </b>and that root is namespace.


Ramesh P

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Ramesh Parashivamurthy

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Hi Sanjanak,

Please refer as Raj Specified.

URN - Uniform Resource Name like <b></b>

without protocol

URL - Uniform Resource Locator like

with protocol

URLs or URNs for XML namespace names , Which is used for Giving namaspace for our Scenarios . [ Like a namespace and package in java ]

You can use either URL or URN

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Please refer Archana's reply in the thread

Best regards,