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URL iView with dynamic parameters

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Hopefully this group can help me. This is my firt posting.

I have a need to create a number of url iviews with a parameter that can be changed with client eventing. I need to place all the url iviews on one page, then use an eventing iview to send the parameter to the iView. I think I know how to do the client eventing, I'm just stuck with how I would change a parameter on url iview.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Are you talking abt the appintegrator that handles URL?

Search for it on SDN.

Plz don forget points, if it helped.



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No...I did not use application integrator. I created the iview with the iview template. I then thought if I wanted to subscribe to an event handle, I need to custom code the iview and use javascript in a jsp to call the url. It works, but there are some behavior problems with multiple iviews on a page and these iviews using"", _self).



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What you could do is have the URL that is required for the to be dynamic. Therefore when the iview responds to the even you can use javascript to build a string, i.e.

var myurl = "";

myurl+= "?param=value";, "_self");

I hope this helps


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Thank you. I miss configuring the iview as URL instead of embedded.