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url iview theme

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In url iview editor (this iview is for a html page), near look and feel label is a button Edit. But Edit button is disabled. How do I enable the Edit button?

If I cannot enable edit button, I won't be able to apply portal theme to my html page. (The value for look and feel label field is now 'Keep source formatting'.)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The option to render content in the look and feel of the portal is only available to a captured Web area of type TABLE. You cannot render entire Web pages or HTML elements that are not TABLE elements.

Thus, in the option before Look and Feel, "Content to Display in iView", you must click on Capture.

Then use the Capture tab to select the portion of the Web page you want to display in the iView.

Hope this helps, points are appreciated!!!

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