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url iview .. js function not executing

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We have a url iview with GET method and Fetch-mode as client side. It is calling a js frame with onclick function. The frame gets rendered in the url iview but the onclick event doesn't take place. The script function is executing "'parent.content.location.href "/dir/" + strLoc ", but it gives the error 'parent.content.location' is a null object.

Any idea will be very welcome.

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I would hazard a guess that you haven't got the script completely right. Basically when using iframes in the portal you must realise that the parent frame relates to the pagebuilder frame. This frame would not then have a frame underneath it called content. Therefore you need to be the frame name of your iView which is URL isolation, and then get the content frame beneath it, therefore it would be something like parent.<iviewid>.content.location. However, I think that this then overcomplicates what you are trying to do. Surely the content frame relates to the current window object (which is your iView) and therefore window.content.location should suffice

I hope this helps a little