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Urgent !

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<b>In IDOC-XI-xml scenario :</b>

<b>Error Meesage :"No service for system SAPDEV, client 102 in Integration Directory".</b>

<b>I did all configurations</b> .

All settings that I can see using transactions IDX1 IDX2 and IDX5 seems to be correct, but the IDOC doesn't reach the IS. I have done the SLD . IR , ID configuration also .

In WE05(in SAP) status is 03 it doesn't turn to 12.

plz Clarify the followings:

1) ">Call transaction IDX1 and check that an RFC destination is maintained for the port <port> and the client <client>. "

<port> - ???? ( I entered SAPDEV SAP+SID)

<client> -??? ( I entered 102 SAP client name)

2) ">For IDocs that are sent from SAP systems, the port is assembled from the prefix SAP and the SID of the SAP system. "

(I entered SAPDEV i.e. SAP+SID)

Is it correct or wrong please clarify ????

3) I checked RFC destination and it is correct and I am able to login remotely .

4) I am checking Status of dispatched IDOC through the program RBDMOIND . It is showing dispacthed 0 , still open (tRFC queue ) 1 .Is it correct way to dispatch IDOC .

5) In partner profile I assigned message type with port . Can you plz clarify that this message type is assigned with a port number . What is this port number (sender or receiver )

6) I have created two ports in sender and two ports in receiver for both sending and receiving system .

Can you plz help me out .

Its really very important for project .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prabat,

I gave u allready a answer in ur thread "hi", u didn't answer. It is not very helpful for u and other people 2 call a thread "hi" or "urgent". And there is no reason to post the same thema twice, because its more difficult 2 have a discussion.

Urgent is that u learn how to put questions.


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