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URGENT: SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite: QUERIES

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HI Experts,

We have some urgent queries on SCPI Suite on CL vs Neo. Seeking your advice

  1. SAP CPI Suite on CL has some restriction as per note 2752867
  • Q1. à Is there any roadmap when this restrictions will be removed
  • Q2. à What is the implication Runtime configurations like Maximum Number of XML Child Elements (note 2703934) are not supported. I understand from the note that SAP will handle this configuration on the tenant if there is any error reported. What will happen in Cloud Foundry case for such scenarios?
  • Q3. à The audit log access via WebUI is not supported/ Access to system log files is not supported.
  • What is the implication if this is not supported or what the alternatives?
  1. CPI Suite Editions
  1. Question : Only Premium Edition support Alerts/ transport management ? How about standard edition, do we have any basic alert mechanism to send email based upon fail messages or there is no alert at all in Standard edition and only monitoring team need to lookout in the monitor dashboard in CPI tool
  • CPI Enterprise Edition license on NEO
    1. Question: Is the alert notification is Support/included in the CPI Enterprise edition capabilities on NEO ?

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    Product and Topic Expert
    Product and Topic Expert
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    Hello Shobhit,

    Sorry, just stumbled over your questions - I am not an expert of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, but can at least answer your questions around the additional services being part of the premium edition:

    • Your assumption is correct that only the premium edition of SAP CP Integration Suite comprises SAP CP Alert Notification and SAP CP Transport Management. If you have the standard edition, you could nevertheless subscribe to both services via SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) or via SAP Store (link to SAP CP Transport Management, link to SAP CP Alert Notification). With subscription, you would be charged by usage (for example, SAP CP Transport Management cost would be 18 EUR/1 GB of data uploaded to the service/month) - with the premium edition, usage of both services would be included for a reasonable amount of transports and alerts.
    • Both SAP CP Transport Management and SAP CP Alert Notification can handle both Neo and Cloud Foundry.

    Although this answer comes late, I hope it helps.

    Best regards,