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Urgent!!PDK Business Package!!

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I imported the PDK 602_2 BP into my sneak preview of EP 6.0 and WAS 6.40.

I also assigned the java developer role to a user.

Now hez getting the following error:

Portal Runtime Error

An exception occurred while processing a request for :

iView : N/A

Component Name : N/A

Access denied (Object(s):

Exception id: 12:59_28/04/05_0014_5626050

See the details for the exception ID in the log file

I thought it cud be a permission issue, so gave him full access rights on the pdk content.But still..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you assign the security zone 'high_safety' to the developer role?

Regards Marcus

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How do i do that?cud u explain plz.....

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Even if you have given full access to PDK, probably the folder in which PDK is present does not have full permissions.

Try giving full permissions the root folder, or else try giving a super admin role along with Java developer.

It should solve your problem.



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I have given full control to the user..No use..

Iam getting the follwing error:

It must be somthing related to High_safety...


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Some of the components that are included in the PDK requires more privileges. For example if you don;t have

"content_admin_role" or an equivalent role that is assigned to the user, he/she may not be able to access the components that are high_safety. Any component that

is defined with security zone "high_safety" then probably

it requires super_admin_role/system_admin_role to access it.

In your case you should be able to access other than the components listed under "tools" tab. By assigning the user "content_admin_role" you should be able to access all the components except "Component Inspector" without getting the error. Probably to access the "Component Inspector" you may need to have the user assigned "super_admin_role" or have to create a custom role.

I don;t remember all the details with security zones.

if you have access to Service Market Place you can read

the following document.

"How to configure initial content in EP6 SP9 and higher"

to understand more about security zones and initial permissions.


-Venkat Malempati

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I also found a document dealing with permissions and security zones: