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urgent - import/export user data

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Can any one tell me what exactly happened by clicking on User Data import and User Data export in User Administation.

Can any one pls clear me what is the flow and how it is happened.



Ur answer must be appreciate

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I done it for copying group and user data into new system.

When you click export, it exports user data, username, groups, roles and personal information. But doesn't exports password. So if you are going to copy users from one system to another, you've to thing giving new passwords in target system.

By this way you can also export group definitions and user assignments.

At target system you've to import users first and then groups. Some errors may occur as you assign roles to user but roles doen't exist in target system. so user creation may fail for some users.

You can overcome this by removing lack roles from user property.

For import, just copy the text you get from export and paste into import utility's text area.

hope this helps

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I am not sure exactly what happens. My guess is that on an export, it reads the UME via the API's and then it outputs it to a text file. The reverse except for a write occurs on an import.