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Urgent: How to redirect ITS ?

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When testing /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/ on ECC6's SICF, the URL

will be:

http://<ITS server's FQDN>:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-client=200

We have a need to re-direct the ITS, so that the URL will be

http://<any server's FQDN>:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-client=200

Please advise how. Points guaranteed. Thanks!

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Answers (3)

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It is not clearly if the any-server is diffrent server from the ITS server.

If the any-server is diffrent server, than you might use one of the two method I segguested:

1. The sap web dispatcher:

the documentation is located in this link:

2. IIS/Apatch:

I'm not that familiar in Apatch, but I know there is a way to re-direct from the any-server to the IIS server.

Those two methods requires installation of a re-direct product

(like SAP web-disp, or IIS, or Apatch and etc...)

If you just inserting in creating an alias, than you can create another DNS entry for

the ITS server (and call it also any-server)

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Hi CZ...

If you only have 1 instance for ITS you can use DNS to create an alias for your host



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I am looking at SICF's webgui service.

There is a "redirect URL" for webgui. Do you think that will

work for my purpose?


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You can install sap web dispatcher on the any-server,

another may is to install IIS component that re-direct from any-server to the ITS server,

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Could you give more details about the 2 methods you advised?

We are using Appache insteand of IIS.

Points guaranteed. Thanks!