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urgent Help required in RDDIMPDP Job

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Hi all,

we have a problem in importing transports from dev to quality system,as part of troubleshooting we checked if RDDIMPDP is scheduled or SM37, when i filtered jobs by selecting scheduled status and jobs starting eith RDD* and executed but i dont find the job RDDIMPDP under scheduled status.we also scheduled it by running RDDNEWPP in se38 also but still not able to see.but i can see the job completed successfull till two days back.

My clarification is does this job will be displayed in scheduled status in SM37 or not?

since this is an event controlled will it run only when the corresponding event occurs?,if that is the case then how do i know whether this job is scheduled correctly or not?


Anand Reddy

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Answers (2)

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The job has to be checked ubnder the Release status when it is released.

For it to pick the transport job it has to be in Released state not in scheduled state.

Secondly make the depent as * because this is event dependent job we have to mark that as * at the event dependent in Sm37 selection screen .

RDD job will be seen in the SM37 job selection under the Released state.

You should be able to see one in client 000.

And also Rddimpdp_client_client number jobs will be there.

(for all clients)

And in your case check it is there in the client you are trying to import.



Edited by: Vani n on Jun 27, 2008 9:24 AM

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thanks for your reply,i am able to see the job once i leabe the dated blank and in released status.

points rewarded to both of you


Anand Reddy

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If it is scheduled, then you should be able to see it, please try to leave the startdate / enddate fields empty, fill in job name RDDIMPDP and there you go.

Regards Michael