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Urgent Getting a GUI referance of the navigational object at runtime...

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Hi all ,

I have a urgent requirement regarding People-Centric UI. I have added a additonal button in a standard BSP. Now on the click of that button I am interested calling a external URl.

In a simple BSP application the following code works

navigation->goto_page( '' ) on Input processing.

However, in case of People-Centric UI a method of a class is called where you are suppose to code for additional events ( for new buttons ). Howver, these methods do not pass a reference to the BSP runtime and hence the code "  navigation->goto_page( '' ) " cannot work.

I tried to get the runtime reference using the following code.

  CLASS cl_bsp_runtime DEFINITION LOAD.

  DATA: runtime TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_runtime,

*        navigation TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_navigation.



  CALL METHOD cl_bsp_runtime=>get_runtime_instance


    runtime = runtime

However I am not getting a reference to navigation object( Since it is a private attribute of CL_BSP_RUNTIME )

Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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Hi Yogendra,

the URL for popup windows in PCUI is generated in JavaScript files - look at the main.js under the MIMEs/scripting folder in CRM_BSP_FRAME and look at the function ShowF4OIC for example. There you see the URL of the popup window being created. Unless you want to overwrite that code in some way, there is no point in trying to subvert the URL from the regular ABAP methods.

However... you can display HTML pages inside a PCUI screen. You need to define a new screen of type HTML Viewer, include that screen in one of your applications and trigger it (usually through a tab on a tabstrip). You will need a screen structure with a field URL, and you place "" into that field. create a new model access class, and set the field URL in the READ method of that class. Tie the application, screen structure and access class all together via customizing the blueprint tables.

I haven't tried this, but the book (THE_PCUI_CRM.PDF) tells me this is the way to do it. If you don't have this document download it from SAPnet.

Anyone else have any better suggestions?

Paul Wright

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Can you tell me in detail where in SAPnet we can download the book (THE_PCUI_CRM.PDF) you mentioned?