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Urgent : Connection problem

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Hi experts,

I developped a portal application which calls a BW function module. My problem is the following:

Into the development environment all works fine, data are retrived ...

Into the test environment, the application interface is displayed but no data is available. Function module seems to don't be called.

An other point to note : Data can be available in my application with the following steps.

- A portal user execute another IView (no relation with my application) which needs a connection to BW. A connection popup is displayed and the user types his login/password.

- After this step, when the user access to my portal application, data are retrieved.

This process seems to be in relation with the connection cookie.

In addition, the test of the connexion to BW from portal is OK (System administration / System configuration).

I think that my Java development works fine.

My impression is that some elements into the test portal have not been well configurated (Permissions, some parameters for the connection ...).

Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your answer Shubhadip Ghosh.

SSO works fine into Dev environment.

Into the test portal, the configuration is a little "strange": Test portal has been connected temporarely to the production BW server.

The connection defined into the test portal is linked to the production BW server.

I have compared dev connection properties and test connection properties.

They looks like identical except for the following properties : Application Host, Gateway Host, Web AS Host Name. It seems normal to me.

But I am not sure that SSO has been configurated in the test environment. I must to check this point.

Do the connection properties into the portal are different with SSO and without SSO ?

I would like to connect to BW without using SSO. Is there a way ?

I noted 2 fields into the connection properties: UserName and Password. What are they usefull for ?


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Though you have mentioned that your system connection is working - still I think that the Single Sign On is not done properly between the BW system and the portal system. As per your note - when the user first tries to access some other page to the same backend it asks for user id/password - it happens only when SSO is not working. For the same reason your Java code is also not being able to fetch data. Now when the user puts his user id / password in the seperate page - portal saves that logon data in local cookie - so when you access your actual application after that - it connects with the same logon ids and it works.

Solution would be please re-check the SSO with Basis team. Try to create a simple transactional iView in the portal to test the SSO. If you are using Logon ticket please ask basis to check it properly and if required reimport it.