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Urgent: Clarifrication on using WebService with RDA

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Please someone can clear my concept when using WebService with RDA:

1. In this scenario Data needs to be pushed into PSA from the web service. For this an interface like XI (or some similar) would become mandatory. RDA does not eliminate this interface.

2.Depending on the settings then Daemon will load data via Real Time DTP from PSA to the data target.

Any help appreciated...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sam,

the are tw different features.

1. WebService: The generated WebService can be used to push data into the BI (Persistant Staging Area). XI is not necessary for this, but is prefered. (see how to paper)

2. RDA (Daemon) can be used to select the data from PSA to the DSO near real time.

i hope this helps.

RDA does not eleminate the WebService.


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2nd part I am clear.

1st part is I am bit confused. I also read the how to paper & few presentations on same.

How does this mechanism/what is the flow by which data from web service comes to BI. Is it that any changes get recorded in BW delta queue and then get loaded when load is triggered.

Can you please provide me with the flow (if possible with an example)

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Hi Sam,

it works like this:

The external APP like XI pushes data into the PSA table of the DataSource in BI.

The RDA selects the data from the PSA and updates/activates the DSO table.

Any data which has been send to BI is recorded in the PSA and can be propagate from there. You do not have to use RDA for this. RDA is one possibility.

I hope this help, Michael

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Mic, this part is good

Can you please give me the flow for how data comes thru web service to BW/what are various possible options interms of push/pull...

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Hi Sam, the generated WebService (WSDL) can be found in WSADMIN transaction. So any application that can use a WebService can push the data into BI.

We have customer that are pushing the data through XI into BI. This is described in the Howto paper. Another possibility could be that a external Application running in the JAVA application server can push the data into BI using a proxy.

We had this req. from different areas.

Push is done if the appl. can push the data into BI and if it is very difficult to pull the data, eg. when the data is not stored in the app. So the app is responsible to store the the data in BI.

We are currently do not provide a PULL WebService. We are working on it.

I hope this helps,Michael

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Mic, great cleared my basics...

One last question is J2EE server required to test the web serivce? I performed following:

1. Created a web service data source.

2. From the generated FM, I created the web service using the wizard (Utilities -- Create Web Service).

3. Now when I try to test the webservice from WSADMIN it says page cannot be displayed.

The service is active is SICF.

ICM are good.

Path is fully qualified

But I am not sure if this system is just a ABAP stack or has a J2EE server too.

Do you have any idea for this...



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Sam, you do not need to create your own WebService. The WebService should be automatically generated for you.

Mh, is the HTTP port correct? I'm not sure about this basis stuff. Sorry.

This sounds like a general problem.

Cheers Michael

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Hey Mic thanks for all the help

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