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URG: Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized to a web service

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I'm trying to configure a SSO between CE and ERP. I want to access a Web Services of the ERP from WSNavigator through a logical destination, but I have the following error,

"Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized"

I dont know what step I'm doing wrong, I've already configured the CE Certificate in the ERP, I've put the flag in the Web Service Endpoint as "HTTP Authentication" with "Logon Tickets" and in the Logical Destination I've put the flag "HTTP Authentication" with "Logon Tickets".

I dont know what's wrong. Please if anyone have a guide or tutorial for configure this, I would appreciate it very much.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you check the domain of CE and ERP are the same.

Check the Port at the end of the WSDL, it should have the full domain.

Regards, Gilles.

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