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Upper and Lower Case in J2EE

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Hi Friends!

I have an oracle database and i want to do string comparision.

But i have and problem.

I can use these sql in oracle gui

<b>select UPPER(BTITLE) from sapsr3db.bilim_blog

select BTITLE from sapsr3db.bilim_blog where {fn LCASE(bilim_blog.BTITLE)}='test'</b>

But i cannot use in J2ee sap portal application. It gives these error sequently

<b>Upper Function are not allowed here</b>

<b>SQL syntax error: an illegal character "{" has been found in the statement text </b>

Also someone asked same question before and didnt get answer.


Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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here you can find all the functions permitted in the OpenSQL:

So I think that Upper/Lower are not permitted... the work around is to get all the records and check the Upper and Lower case using Java Code functions into your business methods.

Hoper this help.


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so it is not possible to make such a case-insensitive SELECT? Is there a way to work around this limitation? Saving all values as uppercase is not an option

Maybe with NativeSQLAccess (

Thanks & regards,


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