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Uploading to a hierarchy lookup table

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I am trying to populate a hierarchy lookup table using import manager, MDM version is 7.1.

My hierarchy has up to three levels, some leaf nodes are at level 2 and some at level 3.

My spreadsheet has rows representing every internal node and every leaf node in the hierearchy. There is a column for each level in the hierarchy. Thus there are some blank fields which are interpreted as nulls I believe.

In import manager, I have used partitioning to create my source hierarchy.

I think I should use the hierarchy null handling option "ignore all trailing nulls" but when I select this the add option "add branch as child" becomes greyed out so I cannot copy the hierarchy to the destination table.

Is there any way round this? Maybe this is a bug?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try this - [link |;jsessionid=(J2EE3417500)ID1356150350DB00574106134597072275End?rid=/library/uuid/c0e122d4-40ab-2a10-4a82-fe7db431fd5e&overridelayout=true]- Good article with step by step instructions.

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Thanks for the link, unfortunately the document does not address my precise issue.

At step 15 it says "... if the values already exist in the destination pane..." In my case (creating the hierarchy) they do not and I want to copy the structure from the source pane to the destination pane.


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You will have to create the structure of the hierarchy in the destination hierarchy pane by adding sibling/child nodes. Try this [link|] - pages 9 to 13 should be relevant for what you need.

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Thanks for the second link also. I appreciate your replies, although I did not find the links directly solved my problem they provided further information.

I have now solved my problem by making my upload spreadsheet consist solely of leaf nodes. The MDM help example shows the spreadsheet consisting of rows for leaf and internal nodes but this did not work for me.

I noticed these issues with the two linked documents.

In the first link, I found the method of partitioning shown did not work for me. (Perahps I have a later version of the software?) The author did a two stage partition whereas I think you need to partition field manufacturers name (1) by both the other manufacturers name fields.

In the second link, the author starts out showing one set of data yet the screen shots lower down show another set. Unless I am mistaken, the input data shown has no hierarchichal structure - no child to parent relationships, it just consists of a list of 8 character UNSPSC codes. Yet lower down a hierarchy has somehow appeared.

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