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I am working on an upgrade prog in which i have to copy a SMARTFORM from 4.7 to ECC 6.0.

Could anybody guide me with it?

does SAP provide any standard prog for this?

thanks in advance


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<b>Uploading of Smartform </b> 1. Go to Smartforms transaction. To upload smartform , enter the smartform name in Form field and select Utilities->Upload Form. 2. You will get a popup to specify .XML file . Specify the file name from which you want to create a smartform

<b>Downloading of Smartform 1</b>. Go to Smartforms transaction. Specify a form name that you want to download. 2. Select to Utilities->Download Form at menu bar. You will get a popup to specify the location where you want to download. 3. On click on Save , smartform will be downloaded in .XML format to a specified location.


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try to copy u r function module ( copying mean jst do copy paste every thing......parameters source code ...every thing )

copy the top include and uxx include .....every thing to u r current version.........assign the function module to same function group as in u r older version

reward points helpful.................

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4.6 does not provide this facility.

any other option?

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You can dowmload the Form on desktop form 4.7 & upload in 6.0

Go to samrtforms tcode: Utilities --> Downlaod form

Go to samrtforms tcode: Utilities --> Upload form


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You can downlaod the Smerform in to an XML format , then upload it into the ECC 6.0

to Download the Smartform Utilities --> Downlaod form

To upload the Smartfrom Utilities --> Upload form



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You can download the smartform (XML format) from 4.7 and upload it to ECC 6.0.. this is what SAP provides us...