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upload probem - urgent plz

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dear friends,

I am uploading a component. (.par file)

On the server it displays

'Loading Application

Loading services'

(but don't know how long i need to wait )

If i check in the 'Component Inspector' that component will be exists. But it wont' work completely.

Even i tried cleaning the component and uploading the new one.

but same problem.

can anybody help on this.

plz reply me early.

thanx in advance


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Answers (2)

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You need to check your code again, since the inpector had recognised the .par file and WAS is executing.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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When you say, it won't work completely, what do you mean, some of it works? Which parts. Are you sure that you don't have a coding problem. Depending on the size of the .par file, it should only take a <b>few seconds</b> to deploy to your WAS engine.


Rich Heilman

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if i upload a component, i do get

Loading Application : <...component...>

Loading Services

okay? and if i open the page, only the .jsp pages displays, it won't get the data which are there in the bean i used. So the component is not completely loaded. right?

When i tried for more than 4 times, at some time it started working. but after many minutes.

now if i want to do any modification, it is tedious job .

plz reply me, where i am wrong and what do i do?


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Hi Lakshmikantha,

Just a try...

See if you have any 'exlib' folder and JAR files under it in eclipse, under 'PORTAL-INF' or 'PORTAL-INF/private' folders.

If yes, please delete them and rebuild the project and deploy it again.