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Upload new version of personas global script

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I use a global script resource in Personas and in my Flavor I reference it via it's GUID. If I need to make changes to this global script, how do I do that in the admin transaction. I don't see how to upload a new version of the script and keep the GUID the same?

It feels like I am missing something very obvious. So apologies in advance for the stupid question!

Thanks in advance,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Simon,

not a stupid question at all! The behavior of transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN is a little quirky when it comes to updating a resourcing underlying file. The below is written for SP6 and SP7, if you have an older installation let me know and I will provide a description for this as well:

1) In transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN, select resources from the tree

2) Search for your resource until it shows up in the search result table. Select your resource and press "Display" (not "Change"!) from the toolbar.

3) You should be now in the resource details screen. In the "Thumbnail" group, there should be an enabled button "Change Resource", which will bring up the file dialog to upload the new version of your script.

Best Regards,


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Thank you clemens.gantert

I am always on the lookout for some good UX/Usability "anti-patterns" and that has to rank as one of the best! I never would have found that on my own!

FYI: I found that I also needed to clear the ICM cache before my browser picked up the new version.


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