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Upload Files with UploadSet in Cloud Foundry

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Hello Guys,

we are using UploadSet in our FIORI app to upload files as GOS documents to some Business Object. We therefor use an AttachmentSet in backend which works with CREATE STREAM method. This works fine as long as we are using BAS local and classical launchpad url. But when deploying the app to our BTP Cloud Foundry Build Workzone launchpad upload does not work. We are getting POST error "ERROR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR", backend method CREATE STREAM is not reached. So is there any special thing that has to be considered when using UploadSet in Cloud Foundry?


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Try inserting this:

getBaseURL: function () {

var appId = this.getOwnerComponent().getManifestEntry("/");

var appPath = appId.replaceAll(".", "/");

var appModulePath =;

return appModulePath;


and then call this.gateBaseURL + "URL of the oData."

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Hey leandro.pereiraa Thanks for the hint. We still have some problems due to that topic: but the upload itself seems to work with your hint.

But now we have another problem. We have customers that use classical launchpad which is linked to some non HANA backend system. And we have customers that use new CF launchpad. Now with your solution CF seems to work but now it looks like that classical launchpad link which is generated with that code is wrong because it does not find the url then. So do we have to separate in code between classical launchpad and CF launchpad? And if so, how to do? Where to know from what launchpad we come from?

Regards Michael