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Upload file to KM automatically

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I have a requirement where I receive an email with a PDF attachment on a regular basis. I would like to upload this PDF to a public folder in KM (preferably replacing an existing version). I know how to do this through the UI as a user, but would like to accomplish the same thing in an automated fashion. This is very similar to broadcasting files to the Portal from BI, but my source is an email attachment.

I can script storing the attachment to a specific network directory, but I still need to upload it to KM.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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One option would be to write a KM scheduler task (info on how to is available on SDN) that would retrieve the file from a file system and upload it into KM DB Repository. Even easier would probably be to create a new File System Repository in KM that points to the location where you save the file to. That way as soon as you placed the file into the filesystem it would be available in KM.

Hope that helps,


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