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Upgrading to EHP1 SP19

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as I m shortly before an upgrade from SP15 to EHP1 SP19 I m trying to do my homework and stumbled upon a few questions. (I already checked the blog that everyone quotes )

1. Can I upgrade straight from SP15 to EHP1 SP19? Or will this cause too much issues, ie. should I upgrade to SP17 first before proceeding to EHP1?

2. For those who have done the upgrade to EHP1 already... how long did the upgrade take? Including all the repairs and work after the upgrade. To get a rough glimpse at the time schedule...

3. Can I upgrade the kernel to the 7.01 version (patch 23 I think?) before the upgrade, or is that something that I have to do during the upgrade process.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Walter Greiner

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Answers (3)

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Thanks for the feedback, folks! Much appreciated.



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I'd have to agree with Budhev.

First go to 17, then to EHP1.

To answer your 2nd question:

Depends on a few things

Mainly the hardware and the (inevitable) issues you stumble upon.

It took me a while.

Especially since I upgraded to 18. (by now it's 19)

Technically you can upgrade your system within 2 or 3 days.

But including issue-resolving.....I'd reserve at least a week for it.

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1. first to go for SP17, then for EHP1 19, bec Java Stack causes problem, read Note 1169247 tells this in important general info

3. yes, 7.01 patch 23 to be implemented, after going to SP17, during upgrade to ehp1 it should be implemented